Counselling and psychotherapy

My name is Christian and I am a counsellor and psychotherapist. I help people to gain a clearer understanding of their struggles, with a dedicated focus on how to apply such awareness towards living a more personally fulfilling life. My practices are in East Dulwich & Balham.


As a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), I am experienced and professionally trained in Psychodynamic, Person-centred and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). I work in collaboration with my clients and will support you by integrating whichever approaches fit best with you and what you want to achieve.

Clients say…

  • Christian’s attention to detail, focus and active engagement in whatever is being discussed really helped me to work through some areas that I was finding difficult, whilst simultaneously helping me to develop a stronger conviction in my own thoughts and an inner confidence.


    Charly, Oct 2014 – Mar 2015, Balham

  • Looking back on our sessions together, what stands out is what they helped me to let go of. I’m less afraid of what I feel or what I think, or of having to be how I think I “should” be – and I’m more accepting of who I am.


    Anonymous, Dec 2014 – Sept 2015, East Dulwich

  • I could not recommend Christian more highly in any counselling role. He made a huge impact on the lives of the students he supported. He worked with many of our most vulnerable young people and was calm and confident working within crises.


    Paddy Salter, Welfare and Guidance Manager, Newham 6th Form College, 2013 – 2014

What I can do for you

I will provide you with a safe, confidential space to talk about anything that may be affecting you and your quality of life.


I will listen attentively with empathy, not only to what is said, but also what is felt so that I can understand what life is like from your perspective.


I can help you gain clarity on your struggles – what lies behind them and how you can manage them more healthily.

I can help you to develop your understanding of others as well as yourself and your relationships.


I will help you transfer what you learn in our appointments to your day-to-day life, helping you to live more of the life that you want.


I can help you to feel more confident and more in control of your life.



Are you a fellow Professional?

I am always looking to connect with other practitioners in my local area for practice development as well as for business opportunities. If you think you might be interested please make contact by whatever means you prefer.